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             Long live Casino Classics
                                 ( joke )
  Artwork by David Tidswell
                 Russ Winstanley at work.
       (showing a copy of Joe 90 - what else)
                  Alan Rhodes.
Ah, oh, what opinions I could write, I still like it at 29 years old. It is still the place but it has so much more potential than it shows, slow adaption to new sounds, moodyness one week, the next patchy, funny requests at times and I mean funny, we have tried to kick the oldies wagon that was steamrolling us back at the back end of 1977 and succeeded to a point. The wrong D.J.'s have the greatest influence, but a sound isn't big until it's made Wigan. I'm grateful to Wigan and to Russ they gave me the chance to be whatever I am today. But I won't get caught up in certain rat races other jocks get caught up in, I'm happy just to be one of the lads. Alan Rhodes.