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The Royal Family
   It's become increasingly difficult to ignore the influence that the Royal Family have had on our scene. The intense rivalry between people like Neil Rushton, Terry Sampson and THE QUEEN MOTHER, has become a battle for power. In fact at the last Ritz some glasses were thrown and Prince Charles was taken away with a blanket over Princess Anna. Fans of the family will be pleased to know that Anne will still be entered for the Cheltenham Gold Cup and will be ridden by Lester Piggot. Fans of Des O'connor will of course be shot. But back to the Family. When the royal car pulled up outside Wigan last week there were some jeers from the crowd but all I could do was cry, large tears were rolling down my cheeks. Emotional? No, they'd parked on my foot.
The big split in 75 when the Mecca started playing more and more new releases and the palace stuck with the stompers, caused a sensation when Curtis talked of "the northern scene is slowly dying and we must play the new stuff" and the Queen talked of "the price of Corgi food". So the palace now had to come up with the goods, and but for frequent visits to the states by people like Manship, Anderson and Lord Snowdon we may well be struggling. There's no doubting the family's devotion to stompers, I can remember Princess Anne being the only person to dance to the Twans at the Mecca and she only lost four faults. There's no chance of the palace ever playing new stuff, this was confirmed to me by palace manager Mike Walk-on-the-wild-side, "We will play what the kids want . . . . . " (as long as it's on our own label). But still there's controversy, the Queen Mother has been busted twice for selling chalkies. And even Dave "must be a stomper" McCadden was bribed at Christmas when the Queen sent him 200 copies of "The Flasher" and a sledge hammer. This cheered him up no end so he started a magazine. (Again).
There have been other things going wrong at the Palace, Neil Rushton whispered something to me about Prince Charles and two school boys. This has not been confirmed but it sure sounds like a lotta fun. Also the black sheep in the family, yes you've guessed, the one they like to call Mr.Champion himself . . . . . Roddy Llwelyn, he was a major forse in the rise of Cleethorpes All-Nighter with a reputation for touching as many bottoms as he could lay his hands on, and it has been said that he has had sex with every top DJ on the scene except one. (They all claim to be that one, but it has to be someone with a body so repulsive that even Roddy won't touch it . . . it's gotta be
. . . . . ). However the one big factor that keeps everyone flocking to the palace all-nighters is Princess Margaret's record collection, she's even got a vocal to Scratchy. Although most people think this is a royal Taylor-maid. She played this twice at Wigan, once in a swim suit and once in evening dress.
Yes, the Nottingham Palace is no substitute although they did come up with an interesting idea in using Robin Hood as a disc-jockey, though as yet he has not been found and is thought to be living with Paul Rowan. The commercial aspects of the palace have come under fire especially the book stall. Prince Charles' "Playing at being a sailor" sells well, as does Princess Anne's "Teach yourself to play the Drums" with pictures. What do you think about the royal family? Write to Ian Clark (because nobody else will) and he'll read all your letters then tear them up.
Read next issue . . . Will Lord Snowdon get thirty for his Caswell demo? Does the Queen really play the drums on "I can't see him again"? Will Wigan close this year? Or will they just pull Russ down instead. Buy Soul Symbol and you will probably fall down a very deep hole. Someone said "it's not a magazine . . . . . . it's a small furry animal"
Bye bye.