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Lynne Randell.
Stranger in my arms (Epic)
A record nobody can ignore, despite the obvious Caucasian roots of the singer. First played in '71 when it literally picked up the soul scene and shook it till it bled. The awful blue OOTP boot of '74 consigned this song to obscurity for a good 4 years until Dave Evison reactivated it for a second shot at the big time. It was even more popular the second time around and enjoyed a second reissue on the Columbia Special Products label in '77. Both those issues sell for a good £5 each, while the US original is considered worthy of a £30 price tag. Picture sleeves may add another bluey on top, but the elitests amongst the collecting fraternity may prefer to save up £120 for a 1967 UK issue on CBS (2847); truth be told they rarely come to the market place. And all this from a woman who toured the US with The Monkeys!

  Lynne Randell is an exciting and talented Australian vocalist who is one of the most in-demand artists in that country today. Last year, she was voted 'Top Female Vocalist' by the Go television show, and 'Top Female Entertainer' by Everybody's, one of Australia's leading family publications. Lynne stars regularly on various television shows including Go, Ten on the Town, Bandstand, Saturday Date and Kommotion. In addition to all her other honors, she was voted Australia's 'Best Looking Girl on TV.'
  Until two years ago, this 5'3", blonde-haired, green-eyed young miss wanted to be a hairdresser, and thought of singing as a hobby. A chance meeting with Carol West, luckily changed Lynne's destiny. Miss West, already an established manager, was very impressed with Lynne's voice and today she guides Lynne's singing.
  Lynne recently signed an exclusive long-term recording contract with Epic Records and "Ciao Baby" is her debut single. Lynne gives this tune her unique interpretation and the results are tremendous. After listening to this recording, you'll understand why it took Lynne Randell two years to reach stardom when it takes other singers a lifetime.