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                  My usual way to the Casino & other nighters in the 70's.
 The Image of Wigan. . . .

  Like most things, many of the people have changed and we ourselves have, over the the years, changed too - but hopefully, with the times - and our roles as individuals have also experienced change.
I myself am, at present, very heavily involved with RK Records with many outside supplementary promotional activities. Russ and Richard ( Searling) likewise are both employed within the record business, whilst Gerry has also developed his business interests.
Many of the deejays and staff have left the Casino for good and in many cases gone on to even greater things, but without a doubt everyone, including myself, who has passed those two famed black doors in Station Road, have got an awful lot to thank Wigan Casino for. Long may it live!
       Gerry Marshall.
               Harry Green.
                Mike Walker.
MOTOWN OLDIES. c/o New Soultime mag.
  Brilliant, excellent, knock-out . . . just some of the words used to describe the First 100% Motown All-nighter . . . and it certainly won't be the last. Personally speaking, it was the ultimate reward for playing a different Motown oldie every week in my spot for over two years and to think, in the Torch days with it's fame for rarities and new discoveries, it was unheard of to play Motown at an All-nighter although naturally it was generally accepted that you couldn't fault it, how embarrassing all those 50 pence gems! Anyway, today Motown is no longer just a brilliant label over-shadowed by poorer but very rare material. Ultimately, on Friday 21st October 1977 the scene's favourite and best ever record label deservedly had it's own night!!
First jock thrown the Motown hungry lions was your Uncle Russ, who quite honestly played some brilliant sounds - many of which were first timers, notably Gladys Knight's "You've lost that lovin' feeling", a credit to the company! As we all did, Russ varied his choice from Sisters Love to the Four Tops. "Come and get these memories" Martha Reeves; "I want to go back there again" Chris Clark; "I'll always love you" Detroit Spinners; "Starting the hurt all over again" Brenda Holloway.
Yours Truly was unleashed on the poor unsuspecting masses and - no! I'm not even going to attempt to give any verdict on my own performance except to list some of the titles I chose:- "Get ready" Temptations; "The night" Frankie Valli; (and I would have thought Russ would have remembere!) "That's what love is made of" Miracles; "You're not an ordinary girl" Temptations; "How sweet it is" Jnr. Walker; "Two can have a party" Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell; "Headline news" Edwin Starr; "Stoned love" Supremes; "My guy" Mary Wells; "Ghost in my house" R.Dean Taylor; "Since you've been gone" Four Tops; and many others. Suffice to say I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed listening to them as much as I did choosing them.
Keith Minshull, true to form just had to be the one to send a 6ft. high 4ft. wide Motown display board crashing onto five petrifird stompers sitting at the front of the stage. Netherless, after a unique but typical entrance, Keith also showed his taste and originality with some great classics. These are a few:- "6 x 6" Earl Van Dyke; "Take some time out" Isley Brothers; "Baby hit and run" Contours; "Come see about me" Supremes; "Come around her I'm the one you need" Smokey Robinson.
Brian 'Nocturnal' Rae wasn't to be outdone with some nifty choices which made reminising like winning the pools. Again, a good variety of 45's from the Tamla catalouge. Some Brian Rae sounds:- "Keep on loving me" Francis Nero; "My weakness is you" Edwin Starr. Still the versatility of this unique label pored out of the Casino speakers, each time cramming more dancers onto the sacred floor. Well done Brian for remembering "All for you" Earl Van Dyke, I was motionless when that one came on! Brian, like the rest of us, cried buckets of tears as he had another 3,000 gems to play which he couldn't get into 1 1/2 hours.
After being reluctantly dragged from the stage, Brian then made way for Richard "Shoot your shot" "9 times" Searling!! Spurred on by the now deliriously satisfied crowd, he really had them 'nostalgia wallowing' at the flick of a volume control. (Watch out Frank Elson, with action packed dialogue like this I'm ready for anything!) Seriously folks, Richard yet again never ceases to amaze with Motown magic dripping with superiority. He managed to spin some magic first-timers. So here, as with the rest of his fellow jocks, are a selection of Richard's impressive playlist:- "Shake me wake me" Four Tops; "Down to love town" Originals; "Take me in your arms" Kim Weston; (Superb!!) "Whole lotta shaking" Miracles; "Beauty's only skin deep" ; and for me the record of the night which floated with such ease - the immaculate "Sweet thing" The Motown Spinners. Finally, Richard ended on two of Motown's most beautiful outings - first of all, Levi Stubbs and his Three Tops with the unequalled "Baby I need your loving", and the record which both Richard and I feel is without a shadow of doubt Tamla Motown's All-time No.1 (ballad section!) Originals "Baby I'm for real". The guy responsible for the saxaphone solo deserves to be knighted, it's perfection.
So that was it, all over far too fast, with vacant looking jocks clutching piles of records which they just couldn't find time to play - believe me it is heartbreaking!! For me, it was an unforgettable All-nighter and will only rank alongside Jnr. Walker at the Wheel and Major Lance's live album Torch All-nighter, To any readers who were fortunate to attend may I offer my sincere thanks for making every moment of the night so enjoyable.
Finally, the entire staff, D.J.s and all, who attended will I'm certainly join me in thanking Steve from E.M.I. who transformed the stage, bottom bar and staircase into a blaze of colour with some eye-catching posters and record sleeves. Sadly, a few genuine souvenir hunters assured us that the display was very temporary, only on reflection who can blame them. After a night like that it was rewarding as Scotsmen uprooting the turf at Wembley.
WIGAN VIEW. C/O Soul Time.
   Wigan today is so much different from the Wigan of three or four months ago. It's difficult to put my finger on what is different about it, but there has definitely been a vast improvement. The only reason I can pin down could be the general release of August & Deneen/Rosemary, and the pressing (dropping) of items like Bobby Hutton/Jewells/Milton Wright/Shane Martin. Wigan went through a period of continually playing the same records, some of which had been played for years. Without a doubt the main criticism of the Casino was the stubborn reluctance to drop records before they had been released. This was mainly the fault of Russ and Keith Minshull, the two that show the least interest in discovering new sounds. The inclusion of Alan Rhodes in the pantomime clearly comes as a breath of fresh air, as Alan, like Richard, continually discovers records of a high standard. The discovery of rare stompers becomes increasingly more difficult as the days go by, a fact highlighted by the attitude of many jocks to either play some popular oldies in their playlist or to play some new releases, neither of which requires imagination or courage. Two records that really sum up what I'm talking about are "Watch out girl" and The Jewells, in short, any DJ still playing these two at an All-Nighter is a second class DJ. I'm not knocking the two records, but they're played out and boring after a long life. As for the Wigan sounds of the day, well there's some real crackers going around, the most popular of which is probably the latest version of "Ever again", supposed to be by William Lucas who wrote the song. Only Richard has a copy. Bobby Goldsboro is currently in demand with "Too many people" a real stomper that came out over here, so watch for it. Russ has reactivated "Hey little girl" by Miss D.D.Phillips (U.S. Evolution), and as the Illusions is out they'll probably have stopped playing it by now, but that must be so rare. Marie Knight's "That's no way to treat a girl" (Musicor) is a really tremendous stomper, with an ever changing beat that really sounds great at an All-Nighter. Still popular are The Twans - "I can't see him again" (Dade), "By yourself" - J.D.Martin (Tower), "I don't wanna get away from your love" - Yvonne Daniels (Stirling), "Paris blues" - Tony Middleton (Mala), "Surrounded by a ray of sunshine" - Samantha Jones (U.K. United Artists), "Stop" - Bobby Diamond ( Columbia), "Lost summer love" - Lorraine Silver (Pye), "I travel alone" - Lou Ragland (Amy), "Destined to become a loser" - Ellingtons (Castle), "Ice man" - Billy Watkins (Era). One of the biggest sides these past two months must be Taj Mahal with his faster version of "A lot of love" (Columbia). This was played at the Torch not too long before it closed and apart from the U.S. single it was issued on his own L.P. and the "Rock Machine" L.P. on Direction. A really rare English side that looks like taking off in a big way is "Something to give" - Nita Rossi (Piccadilly), it was on U.S. Hickory and I thought it was a U.S. recording 'til I saw a Piccadilly copy at Wigan and heard it, man it went down a monster so watch out for this one, and remember where you heard it first. A few DJ's are hammering "Stoney ground" - Foundations, a U.K. recording for M.C.A. and then issued in the States on Uni, it's got a catchy tune and a storming beat, though it gets a trifle messy in places. On the oldies front there are some lunatic oldies being reactivated at the moment, the worst of which is the diabolical "Shake a tail feather", pure Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis would have been proud of it. To see great oldies like "Stranger in my arms", "Burning sensation", Jimmy Mack and others get another lease of life is the other end of the scale from the ameteurish sounds like the aforementioned Puriys record, also "Show me", "The horse", Virginia Wolves and a few other select rubbish that a certain oldiesDJ regularly plays. There should be more accent on overall sound, most oldies from the late Torch are popular ones and have nearly all been repressed, e.g. "Sister Lee", Lou Pride, Moses Smith, Johnny Caswell, Rubin, Edie Walker, the list goes on and on. I'd like to see "Nevertheless" get another shot in the arm, if that's not an insensitive coin of phrase! I look forward to the day when sides like Matt Lucas, Gerri Granger, Eddie Regan etc., are oldies and we remember the year 1977 for those sides, and god knows what the scene will be like when that time arrives, perhaps we'll all be punks, jumping up and down to The Damned, if that happens I'll welcome "Shake a tail feather" with open arms. Like I said, theer's some good sounds to be heard down at Wigan, so if you haven't been down for a while, give it a chance, good luck.
Casino........more startling reports from the same production that gave you "The sex life of a ping pong ball" c/o "Soul Time".
   Not an awful lot has changed at Wigan since last issue, just a few new discoveries and a few more new releases. DJ's still Russ, Richard, Pep and The Minsh. By the time this issue comes out there should have been the first Oldies Anniversary on Feb 4th. Richard Searling recently acquired some new stompers (and with the prices he charges for records on his new list, it's not surprising). The best one's he's come up with are : "Take my heart"-Wonderettes, a cover up with an almost identical backing to The Tams "Be young etc.." It sounds very much like the Fascinations, very popular and must go big. The second one is another cover up supposedly by Rose Battiste, a real earthy 'Bari Trak' type backing. He also has taken to playing "Get it off my conscience"-Lovelites, "The night the angels cried"-Johnny Dynamite (Minaret), "Meet me half way"-Lillie Bryant (Tayster) brilliant !!!!, "Wash & wear love"-Lynn Varnardo (Gator) and the incredible "PARIS BLUES"-TONY MIDDLETON (MALA) a great mid tempo stomper with powerful vocals. The top Wigan sounds are more or less the ones in the chart elsewhere (St. ives Page), though there are popular items like "Captain of your ship" by Seventh Wonder (WG) a furious lollopper which is due to appear in import shops any day now. Watch out for a great sound from Prince Ella & Sydney Jones on the Chicago label Prince called "Sugar, baby I love you" must be a monster. Pookie Hudson's "This gets to me" (Jamie) reached monster proportions everywhere. Nate Evans "This time with feeling" (DPR) getting another bout of interest. Another side lollopers dig is the instrumental version of the Isleys "Fight the power" by Seven Seas on Glades LP, which could be a big seller if released on UK Jayboy. Judi Street's imortal "What" on Strider is absolutely fantastic, a '77 monster already, what a way to start the new year with discoveries like these. Memorable riffs combined with S-T-O-M-P-I-N-G beat, bound to be one of my faves of the year. Another side that's really getting to me is Yvonne Daniels clip clopping "I don't want to get away from your love" (Stirling) very much like Louise Lewis's "I'll let it be you", this is another definate biggie with Sam giving it spins in his part of the world. Pep doing a very good spot at Wigan recently playing "Thank the lord for love"-Living Color (Madhatter), Lou Edwards, Judi Street, Don Varner, Pookie Hudson, Lee Roye (but doesn't everyone?), Adams Apples, Herbert Hunter!!! Van Dykes and Wayne Cochrane's "I'm in trouble" (Mercury) this is another undoubted monster, stompers only. Wayne is actually Eddie Cochrane's mother, the song is instantly forgettable, but the backing is really vibrant.
The usual favorites are still played occasionaly from Nancy Wilson, Jewells, Embers, Bobby Hutton, Popcorn Wylie, Bobby Lester, Poppies. Jimmy Raye's "Phillydog around the world" should be pressed by now, depending on whether you're reading this before or after the Oldies anniversary. Kev Roberts is responsible. Selecta have just pressed James Barnett's "Keep on talking". I've just knocked a cup of coffee over.
A side that's really being raved over is Edwin Starr's "Don't tell me I'm crazy" on U.S. Soul (1972) a nice mid to fast song. I picked up recently but don't think much of it as a northern side, but really Soul-ful. Anyway it's a bit early to say wether it will take off, but I doubt it, it seems to lack that special something.
On the oldies front Dave Evison choosing some very strange sounds to play. Here's what he played in the main hall last week. "Blowing my mind to pieces"-Bob Relf, "Bar B Que"-Wendy Rene, "Green Door"-Wynder k. Frogg, "I'm satisfied with you"-Furys, "You don't love me"-Moses Smith (Didn't anyone tell him?), "Don't bring me down"-Rita Dacosta, "There's nothing else to say"-Incredibles, "Let our love grow higher"-Eula Cooper, "Help me"-Al Wilson, "What a difference a day makes"-Esther Phillips, "Try a little harder"-Fidels, "Roadrunner"-Jnr Walker, "Walking up a oneway street"-Willie Tee, "Sliced tomatoes"-Just Brothers, "Love is a good foundation"-Leslie Uggams, "Build your house on a strong foundation"-Gwen & Ray, "Girl's are out to get you"-Fascinations, "Trying to find my woman"-Lou Courtney, "I got the fever"- Creation, "Love is getting stronger"-Jason Knight, "7 day lover"-James Fountain, "Prepared to love you"-Thelma Lyndsey, "Stay close to me"-Five Stairsteps, "I still love you"-Superlatives, "You're everything"-Norman Johnson & Showmen.....................some crackers there, but Esther Phillips-? Come on Dave, earn your keep. What about Capreez, Sons of Moses, Stanley Mitchell, anything but Esther Phillips. He'll be playing The Sex Pistols next.
So if you've not been to Wigan for a while I suggest you get down there to hear some of these new stompers, and the atmosphere's just as good as ever. At the moment there's as many good sounds being played as there's ever been, making sure there's no other venue that can touch Wigan. See you there. Cheers! Dave Mc.Cadden.
Soul Shoes . . . .
I was a 'Hilton Parker', brown but polished to a sheen with black polish to give
them some age! Were you one, or a 'Nutsford', 'Keeler' or a 'Brouge'?
* WIGAN * Dateline: Friday 3rd Feb. Venue: Wigan Casino.
Event: Oldies 2nd Anniversary Result: Overwhelming Success. C/O "New Soultime."
   These two latter superlatives (excuse the pun) just about sum up the excellent night which was had by all. Arriving at the Casino around 12.30 A.M. we were met by a rather suspicious looking dark blue Ford Transit, on closer inspection we noticed that the occupants were not clutching hold-alls nor were they displaying the sacred "Keep The Faith" badges, being of average intelligence we presumed these people were not stomping freaks, we were proved right 5 minutes later when a young stomper (with a blank expression on his somewhat pale face) was reluctantly taken for a ride to Wigan Swop Shop. Leaving the car park we waltzed over to the entrance and joined 1,000 other people (Christ we thought, is it true that Joe Jordan and Gordon McQueen were standing in for Russ and Richard) anyway after what seemed like three days we were eventually pushed through the door (literally) we paid our £2.50 and in return received a voucher entitling us to a "Free" copy of the "3 before 8" record (i.e. Tobi Legend, Dean Parrish, Jimmy Radcliffe) and another ticket which was later used in a raffle affair. Up into the Main Hall we trooped to be greeted by the golden tones of Uncle Russ (surely his true vocation in life must be the star of Buttercup Syrup commercial) anyway Russ played a fair selection of sounds which included The Newbeats, Lynn Randell, Earl Wright, Tomangoes and Johnny Caswell. After Russ we were subjected to Keith "Love-is-Like-a-Pernod-In-My-Hand" Minshull who played Garnet Mimms, Bobby Paris and Sisters Love. By this time Mr. M's was now open and in full swing with Kenny Spence, Stuart and Neil (Soul Twins) laying it out loud spinning Boots Randolph, Rufus Lumley, Lord Sitar, Jewels, East Coast Connection, Jackie Edwards, J.D. Martin, Joe Tex and the Supremes - "Nathan Jones" (very popular) a very enjoyable hour or two spent in M's, where do the stompers get their energy from? Grains probably, certainly not Weetabix??? Leaving M's and zipping into the record bar where Johnny Manship and Pat Brady were in attendance I met Ian 'Ginger' Stewart well known Cockney Comedian, Sex Maniac, Trappist Monk and general Piss-Taker, oh by the way he D.J.'s (if that's the right word) at the Reading Soul Festivals and the Ex Bisley All-Nighter, Ginger was on top form as he had been upstairs with the Soul "Personalities" Frank Elson, Barry Kingston, Terry Lennaine, Nick Cowan etc and was under the influence of Vodka and Lime, (actually Ginger had come up to Manchester Friday afternoon and before the 'niter Siz and Myself had taken him into Manchester on a session of Boddingtons Bitter alias Nectar of the Gods) he seemed dissapointed that Dave Godin and Andy Peebles had not shown their faces, anyway he went on to tell me about Ian Clark well known and loved spinner from down south, he's got a helluva reputation down there and his record collection sounds really incredible with U.K. Rarities being his main bag. (Be nice to hear him at the Ritz or Burnley). Back in the Main Hall Brian Rae was in the hot seat, he played an excellent spot spinning the Outsiders A.K.A. Detroit Shakers, Joe Tex - "Baby I want you" (certainly one of the most requested sounds of the night), Paula Parfitt, Andre Brasseur (interesting to hear the flip side "Holiday" also played) and Bobby Hutton (should be in the shops now c/w Willie Hutch's Dynamic "Love runs out".) At approximately 5 A.M. Mike Walker graced the stage with Barry Kingston (producer for Tommy Hunt and other International Northern Soul Acts e.g. Wigans Ovation) we received Mr. Walkers best wishes for the future, a little speech refering to the "3 before 8" waxing, a raffle and the usual shower of gifts, Brian Rae then carried on for a little longer and I dissapeared for a spell of record dealing. Richard was behind the decks when I returned and suffice it to say the dance floor was crammed, as usual Richard finished his spot with the "3 before 8". A few other sounds played during the night and worth a mention were Charles Wright, Alice Clark, Eddie Foster, Major Lance, Carstairs, Tommy Neil, Ace Cannon, Jackie Wilson, Dean Courtney, Voice Box, Volcanoes and one of my faves Billy Joe Royal - "Hearts desire". All in all a very enjoyable night maybe a little too crowded but that only proves the popularity of Wigan Casino.
     Richard Searling.
Have some everybody - Flaming Emeralds (Fee)
Disco Alibi - Al De Lory (c/u)
I've got everything - Willie Hutch (c/u)
Before love beats me goin' - Linda Glass (Vibration)
That's no way to treat a girl - Marie Knight (Musicor)
Ever again - William Lucas (c/u)
Baby what's happening to our love - Ringleaders (M-Pac)
Somehow you make me feel - Eddie Holman (Salsoul)
Dancin' to stop cryin' - Bobbi Humphrey (Epic)
A lot of love - Taj Mahal (Columbia)
Pat Brady puts his tips in just after finishing the night shift.
Belinda Jones - Dancing in the street (Loma L.P. track)
Imperial Wonders - You live only once (Solid Foundation)
Larry Lester-Go for yourself (Loma)
and his most popular sounds : -
Ann Sexton - You've been gone too long
The Mob - Open the door
Bobby Taylor - There are roses somewhere in this world
  Dave Evison, who has had a rough time lately losing Sale and Nocturne gives us the stiff upper lip and the top Casino oldies.
Friday Night - Johnny Taylor - Stax
You Lie So Well - Marie Knight - Musicor
Cool Aid - Paul Humphrey - Lizard *Tip for the top
It Ain't Neccessary - Mamie Galore - St.Lawrence
I Don't Want To Lose Your Love - Jackie Wilson - Brunswick
You Haven't The Right - Catalinas - Scepter
Scott's On Swingers - Edwin Starr - Ric-Tic
My Baby's Coming Back To Me - Bobby Patterson - Jetstar
Surprise Party For My Baby - Vibrations - Neptune
I Love You Baby - Cindy Scott - Veep

      While flicking through my latest copy of Blues & Soul the now famous Wigan Casino advertisement automatically caught my attention, "Hello, hello, hello", I exclaimed, "What's this, a Twisted Wheel All-nighter revival", as my eyes lit up and my heart began to skip a few beats I excitedly continued to read the ad, "By great demand we proudly present an additional special Friday all-nighter fri/sat July 15/16 12.30a.m. - 8a.m. featuring authentic guest "Wheel" d.j.'s. This is the one you've asked for - DON'T miss out". "Gadzooks, Bolivian Bolshovics", I declared releasing my grip on the chandelier and falling to the floor in a grovelling heap, it seems to me that Uncle Michael Walker in his infinate wisdom has decided that since he likes Charlie Richs' "Love is after me" so much he is going to hold all-nighters so we ( the punters ) can listen to it undisturbed for a full 7 1/2 hours. "Hip, hip hurrah", I shouted as I threw my cloth cap at the flea-bitten moggy who had just made a mess in the corner, "I'll have to go and tell mother". I quickly jumped into my new clogs and ran into the garden, "Mother, mother, where are you", a piercing shrill echoed through the air, " 'ERE", with one almighty spin I revolved stopping directly in line of my mothers peering eyes from above her new Foster Grants, with an athletic leg kick I was by her side glaring down at the Bar B-Q that she had concocted which contained such delicasies as Black Pudding and Tripe, I hurriedly opened my B & S and proceeded to show her the ad, "Well mother what do you think?" "Well son", she said, "It seems to me that this little escapade could turn out to be a better rip-off than the ORIGINAL all-nighter posters they used to sell or maybe it's a cover up job so that they can bring out a new sew-on badge, they might even start selling original Ben Sherman button-down shirts instead of their despicable walking, talking pasties, but really son I heard a rumour at the mill to-day that they are going to be held every fortnight, I wonder if this could have anything to do with the fantastic success that the guys over at Wakefield ( i.e. John Green, Malc Burton, Pat Brady, Ginger, Soul Sam, etc. ) are having, you know what people say about Gerry Marshall and Mike Walker . . . . . . . they seem to be motivated by MONEY".
I sat down rolled up a fag and thought to myself "What a strange thing the 'Northern Soul Scene' is".
   The success of the 'Disco Demand' and other records had sparked off extensive interest in the Casino, and included in the 'pilgramages' to the club was John Smith, who was a plugger for Spark Records. John was working on a record called "Pepperbox" by The Peppers, and hustled for exposure in the club - which he got and promptly found himself with a hit single.
I got to be pretty pally with John, and as a result of that friendship, met Barry Kingston, who was a house producer with Spark. I was familiar with Barry's work with the Sutherland Brothers, who were popular in northern soul circles, and worked closely with Barry on subsequent hit records including "Skiing in the snow" - a top ten record, and "Superlove" and "Personally" - all by Wigan's Ovation.
At that time, Russ began to get involved with the liaison, and we all callaborated on future successes, particularly Tommy Hunt, who scored heavily with three releases, "Crackin' up", "Loving on the losing side" and "One fine morning" - all of which were produced by Barry Kingston - with (hopefully) a little help from both Russ and I. It was this success that prompted me to get a little more dirrectly involved with the music business, and found myself as Northern promotion manager of Spark Records, but still retained managership of the Casino.
This situation lead to the formation in 1977, of RK Records, with Bob Kingston (Barry's Father), Barry and myself as chief executives and music instrument makers Boosey & Hawkes as associates.
As a further developement, the "Casino Classics" label was formed in association with Gerry Marshall, and secured an immediate response with the first outing, "Time will pass you by" by Tobi Legend, which had been a Casino 'classic' for some time.
Subsequent releases have included the Flirtations and Kenny Gamble double-A release "Little darling" and "I'll do anything" and the Lorraine Silver single, "Lost summer love". All of these releases, and the RK product has sold well, and we have great hopes for future activities.
There are a lot of people who claim northern soul is dead, but in all honesty I just cannot agree. The record labels have made an impressive start, and the Casino goes from strength to strength - and that's a healthy enough situation for anyone.

  WITH SO many UK record companies watching the imports and reading the American trade magazines to find their next release it makes a change to find a British record company creating its own audience and playing its own records. Wigan Casino has been well known for years in the Northern Soul scene and has been responsible for notching up some incredible local sales. I think everybody is aware that Northern Soul was the basis of the film 'Saturday Night Fever'. Although Wigan seems a far cry from the United States of America and the chic gay scene your Disco Duck can assure you after taking his holiday there four years ago (in Wigan) that musically the Casino kids are possibly more intelligent.
  I have always given space in this column to Casino Classics as I think the company does a good job in satisfying a very sizeable audience. Anyway some of my all time favourite records are Northern. I can't currently think of any record on the disco chart that is in the same league as Robert Knight's 'Love On A Mountain Top'.
  The new Casino Classics single, out on March 30, is 'I'm Gonna Share It With You' by Diana Foster with an instrumental B-side called 'Time Out' by Autumn. The first 10,000 are in white vinyl and a special bag. If you're lucky enough to be on the disco dj mailing list you could receive a limited edition 12-inch of which there will only be 500 copies. The following release will be 'Stone Soul Loving' by Nikki Wilson on April 27, with, 'I Can't Seem To Hold You' by the Allnight Band coming in May.
  Recently live at the Casino were Marta Reeves and the Vandellas who, I'm told, were brilliant. Also on the northern scene due to debut soon, via Pye, will be Neil Rushton's label which may be called Inferno Records. He already has some classic northern hits including the Sandy Wynn's Fontana hit 'A Touch Of Venus' and also Gloria Jones' 'Tainted Love,.